Colombia – the beginning in South America


New country – new continent! We arrived with the FerryXpress at the seaport in Cartagena, Colombia. So exciting to stand for the first time on the South American continent:-)

Cartagena – the walled city

Before the taxi dropped us off at our hostel we managed to pick up the Original Bill of Lading at the seaport marine (the most important document to get our car back). Immediately the next morning Ivan and Erdem started the process to release our vehicles. We loved to explore the different areas in the beautiful Cartagena, the Caribbean city with UNESCO World Heritage status. It was especially lively in the evening with cooler temps and with the beautiful Christmas lighting. We stayed for 3 nights at the Hostel The Roof. All in all the car shipping went well with the exception that Ivan’s mountaineering boots got stolen while the car was waiting to be loaded in Colon. Although we packed our stuff away and locked the back doors, the accessed the back of the car and went through our stuff and moved it around. Apparently somebody needed new boots?! Colombia2-9 Colombia2-10 Colombia2-11 Colombia2-13 Colombia2-15


the avocados are huge

Colombia2-14 Colombia2-16 Colombia2-57


centro historico at night


entrance into the walled city at night


tasty street food


the bottles will be re-used for juices


wonderful performance at Plaza Bolivar

Watch this video about groups of local Cartaginians who gather in the park to demonstrate the local folklore dances.


great street art

Colombia2-5 Colombia2-6 Colombia2-7


I love these door knockers – Cartagena is famous for these


Time for champagne! Celebrating the successful car shipment with our partners Sarah & Erdem


Glad we’re done with shipping and reunited with our Mr. G!!!


quick stop on the road to buy fruit & veggies


these kids showed up next to the fruit stands and wanted their picture taken…


Volcán de lodo el Totumo

Instead of erupting with lava and ashes, this volcano spews forth mud. The crater is filled with lukewarm mud, which has the consistency of cream. You can climb into the crater and frolic around in a refreshing mud bath. You can’t sink in it…. you actually float and it’s hard to stay upright. The mud contains lots of minerals acclaimed for their therapeutic properties and feels good on the skin. Once we’ve finished, we went to wash the mud off in the lagoon. It was definitely the dirtiest bath but a lot of fun!


this is the Volcán de lodo el Totumo


Erdem about got get dirty


I got a massage


Erdem, Sarah, me and Ivan floating in the mud bath

Minca & Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

We left the heat of the coast and reached a small mountain village called Minca, 600m high up in the Sierra Nevada. We spend some time at the Finca Sans Souci and went for a refreshing swim at the nearby Pozo Azul. We got GPS coordinates from Iguana 4×4 to explore some dirt roads above Minca in the Sierra Nevada. Amazing roads with spectacular views across the sierra to either to the coast but also the snow-capped peaks. This is also where we spent Christmas with Sarah & Erdem.


sunset at Finca Sans Souci


at Finca Sans Souci


a cozy fire at Finca Sans Souci


refreshing swim at Pozo Azul


Ivan climbing up to the upper pools



exploring some dirt roads above Minca


Mr. G loved these trails – so did we…


Mr. G followed by Her Majesty



going up further….


Driving the bumpy mountain roads



chilling on this huge hammock and enjoying the ocean view


huge hammock at Casa Elemento


these kids wanted to check out our home

Colombia2-46 Colombia2-38 Colombia2-39 Colombia2-41 Colombia2-42 Colombia2-40


these indigenous people had a fight with this young bull


these indigenous people were all dressed in white. either bare-feet or with white rubber boots


our x-mas camp at San Lorenzo high above the coast


Ivan inflated his soccer ball with the compressor


the lights of the coast city Santa Marta in the distance


we even had christmas lights and gifts under the tree 🙂

After this experience we definitely wanted to see more of the mountainous area in Colombia. The cost was very hot and very busy during the holidays. We were told that the beaches at Tayrona would be very crowded, so we decided to skip the Tayrona NP and La Guajira and headed south.

2 thoughts on “Colombia – the beginning in South America

  1. Really enjoyed the pictures and notes,the four of you are really brave adventurous souls.
    Awesome to find some with the same spirit. That is an experience of a lifetime.
    Thanks again for the birthday wishes from the other side of one world. ( continent )
    First time ever from Columbia.

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