Parque nacional Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl


This is our highlight in Mexico so far. Mountains – this is our element. The drive from Teotihuacán to Amecameca was beautiful. In this town we stocked up, found the best bakery/coffee shop and organized a map with hiking trails for the volcano Iztaccihuatl. Then drove up the “Paso de Cortés” which is the mountain pass between these two volcanoes. At the visitor centre we registered and drove up to the “La Joya” camp at 4’000m. we cooked a nice dinner and enjoyed the stunning views and sunset. Time to add long underwear and layer up and get ready for a cold night. Our winter down sleeping bags kept us warm and had a good night sleep at this high altitude. We were excited to do some hiking – it was about time to get some workout after laying around beaches and going from bakery to bakery and tasting the delicious Mexican food…..We hiked up to a pass at 4’540m and from there we could see the city Puebla. We  had a great day in the Mexican mountains….

A few facts about these 2 volcanoes:

  • Popocatepetl is a volcano with forested slopes,a snow-capped cone and a large crater. It is the second highest peak (17887 ft / 5452 m) in Mexico, behind Pico de Orizaba (18,490 ft) and fifth highest in North American. The name Popocatepetl is Aztec for “Smoking Mountain”.
  • Its neighbouring dormant volcano Iztaccihuatl is the third highest mountain in Mexico with 17, 342 feet (5, 286 meters), after Pico de Orizaba and Popocatepetl. The name “Iztaccíhuatl” is Nahuatl for “White woman” but it is also called “Sleeping Woman”, reflecting the four individual snow-capped peaks which depict the head, chest, knees and feet of a sleeping female when seen from east or west.

the town Amecameca with volcano Iztaccihuatl in the background


not easy to choose from … so we had 2 rounds


One of so many bakeries we’ve been. But this bakery was amazing & the best so far


Volcano Popocatépetl – view from the visitor centre at Paso de Cortés


Driving up to La Joya camp


Driving up to La Joya camp


climbing up….


The Mexican Search & Rescue Team


awesome camp at 4’000m. Ivan planning for the hike on the next day


beautiful evening in the mountains


Popocatepetl spewing out smoke



stunning sunset


Even at this altitude we start our day with a fresh cup of coffee. We love our Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker


amazing views from the hiking trail


great hiking trails


You can see the city Puebla from here


we hiked up to 4’540m (14’895 feet). my personal record


hiking back to camp




4 thoughts on “Parque nacional Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl

  1. Great pics Fabienne, thanks for sharing. Looks like a fabulous hike! We are now in Zijuatanejo enjoying some beach & bakery time. Very hot & humid here so considering heading back inland to Patzcuaro for some cooler temps & hikes.

    Please keep in touch,
    Carole & Rod

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