Swiss/Mexican hospitality in Irapuato


While travelling my mum told me that she has a cousin who lives in Mexico:-) As we needed help with our DHL shipment of car parts, Joseph was very helpful calling DHL Mexico for us, because of our limited Spanish knowledge. On top of that he invited us to visit him and his family in Irapuato. We felt very welcomed at their home and were very spoiled. Joseph showed us around, together we visited Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. He introduced us to his friends and we enjoyed a swiss cheese fondue under palm trees. We had a great time in Irapuato and would like to thank everybody for the generous hospitality.


Lore & Joseph. Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. We enjoyed to stay with you


At their home in Irapuato


Joseph Marro (my mother’s cousin)


Ivan and Joseph


Joseph’s dog


America & Max Zürcher. Max is from Switzerland and moved to Mexico many years ago and owned a dairy farm and cheese factory.


Zürcher’s beautiful house and garden with pool


lemon tree


Aloe Vera plants


swiss style set-up


We were invited for a very tasty cheese fondue


Swiss Cheese Fondue under palm trees in Mexico with Swiss and Mexican amigos:-)

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